Our Mission


The Margaret Boggio Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to supporting and promoting the well-being of needy, neglected and homeless animals.


Our initiatives include providing lost, injured, and abandoned dogs with food, shelter and medical care through industry partnerships. We also bridge the financial gap for homeless and under-resourced caregivers by supporting existing and developing dog rescue and other animal service organizations.


We are funded entirely through tax deductible donations and fundraising events.







Teri Gowen - Founder and Board Member

A Denver native and successful Realtor, Teri describes her experience of sponsoring the surgery and adoption of Margaret with co-founder Dennis Boggio, (see Margaret's Story) as a "life epiphany." This exposed her to the tremendous suffering and neglect that exists in the domestic animal world.


As a Co-founder of the Margaret Boggio Foundation, Teri is committed to promoting a heightened awareness of the important need to help these animals and to seeking funding that our furry friends so desperately need.


In addition to her selfless contribution to the Foundation, Teri has fostered numerous homeless dogs and has worked tirelessly to find forever homes for them.

Stacy Weinstein - Founder and Board Member

Ten years ago, Stacy happened upon "Wally," a homeless, abandoned dog tied to a fence. Rescuing Wally opened her eyes to the immense and growing animal population in need of human compassion and the wonderful people behind the scenes who help these animals.


As a board member, Stacy serves as the CNO - "Chief Networking Officer," and assures that all funding by the foundation is leveraged to the most important animal needs cases.


In addition to her work with The MB Foundation, Stacy advocates for the removal of breed-special legislation and serves as a volunteer at several local animal rescue organizations. Outside of her work and passion to help needy animals, Stacy also manages her pilates studio and works as a Realtor in the Denver Metro area.

Dennis Boggio - Founder and Board Member

Recent studies at major universities, including Duke, Yale and a host of other institutions, have taught us more and more about canine psychology. How dogs perceive their environment, solve problems and make decisions are fascinatingly closer to human patterns than we knew. The need for community, social membership, love and affection has developed to heightened levels as we've domesticated them over the last several centuries. Domestic animals are now largely dependent on us for food, shelter, social normalcy and a happy life.


Dennis has always been moved by the wonderful contribution that dogs and cats make to our everyday lives. Through his interest in these animals, he has also developed an acute awareness of the tremendous numbers of homeless, mistreated and neglected domestic animals that deserve our compassion and intervention. In addition to his work as a founder and board member of the Margaret Boggio Foundation, he fosters dogs in transition and promotes development of funding programs for animal needs.


Dennis is a successful Architect in the Denver area.







"Saving an animal won't change the world.
         But, for that animal, the world changes forever."

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Your donation is tax deductible

Copyright 2017 Margaret Boggio Foundation. All rights reserved.

"Saving an animal won't change the

world. But, for that animal, the

world changes forever."