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Success Stories!!

My Operation Saved Me


Gizmo was born with Carpal Laxity Syndrome, a condition in his front legs that crippled him and caused him to be in constant pain. The Margaret Boggio Foundation, through the Denver Animal Shelter, funded his surgery to remove abnormal growth plates in both forelimbs. The surgery was performed this April in Denver by Dr. Stephens, a board certified orthopedic surgeon.


Gizmo is on his way to a normal life! Soon, the Foundation and the DAS will be working on finding his new  home and family.

Saved from Death Row


El Capitan, Emilee and Gabby were saved from Death Row in New Mexico. The Margaret Boggio Foundation provided the funds necessary to get them transported, vetted, trained and fostered so that they could find permanent homes in Colorado.


El Capitan and Emilee are already with their new families and we expect Gabby will find hers soon!

Thank you letter to

The Margaret Boggio Foundation


"We cannot thank you all (at the Margaret Boggio Foundation) enough for your kindness, compassion, and generosity for these eight puppies. Not one of them would be alive without you. And, they are so deserving of the life they're going to have once we get them over this speed bump. Also, we just found a foster!


Please thank your incredible supporters for this contribution!"


 - Evergreen Animal Protective League

A Special Case


"Grandma," is a homeless dog at the Denver Animal Shelter with a chronic ear infection, broken teeth, skin infection and torn ACL ligament that required surgery.


While the Denver Animal Shelter did a great job of taking care of her emergency needs, The Margaret Boggio Foundation provided the funds for her much needed surgery and recovery. The Foundation also provided for the cost of a special hypoallergenic diet to get her back on her feet again.


Thanks to Madeleine Binsfrahm of the Denver Animal Shelter for caring about Grandma, and coming to the Foundation to give her a new chance at life.


She is a wonderful, sweet, gentle and curious dog, and when she recovers she'll be looking for a new forever home and family!


We will keep you posted!

Happily Ever After!


Meet Esther. She was once a very sick, neglected and homeless little girl. The Margaret Boggio Foundation provided emergency transportation and medical care to get her functioning and healthy again. The Foundation then sponsored the cost of her foster home and adoption. She is now happy, healthy and thriving with her new family in Castle Rock!

"Saving an animal won't change the world.
         But, for that animal, the world changes forever."

Seven Homeless Dogs Adopted!


Lantz-Boggio Architects in concert with SWAR Animal Rescue of Denver sponsored the SWAR Saturday Adoption Fair at the offices of Lantz-Boggio. Seven dogs found their new families during the four hour event.


Looks like the puppy on the ground is trying to convince little Ivy Yamada that she can't leave without him!

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Copyright 2017 Margaret Boggio Foundation. All rights reserved.

"Saving an animal won't change the

world. But, for that animal, the

world changes forever."